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What is included when you stage my home? 
Staging includes all furniture and accessories, including art and rugs. We do not provide window treatments.

How does occupied staging work?
Due to Covid, we have currently limited occupied staging. Occupied staging refers to designing and staging a home that currently has furniture and people still living in the home.  The main goal is attempting to incorporate the style of the homeowner with our own. There may be times when home owners are advised to remove certain furniture that will not match today’s trends. For maximum results, we do recommend vacant staging.

When is my home ready to be staged?
Your home is ready for First Home Staging when everything is moved out, cleaners have been through, and we have a blank slate to work with! For occupied homes, you have completed tasks from initial consultation such as decluttering and removing furniture we recommended.

How do I choose the right home stager?
This is an easy one! Choosing the right stager is really up to your main goals.  If you are looking to just put furniture in an area to fill the space, then you would want to go with a cheaper stager. But if you are looking to WOW your potential buyers and get the maximum results, then you would want to go with First Home Staging. You also want to find one who is insured for your peace of mind.

How long does the staging take?
Depending on the project size, we usually take 1 – 2 business days to complete the staging process, and it is then ready for photography. Please do not schedule photos on the day of staging.

I am ready to stage, what do we do next?
We will schedule a 20-30 minute complimentary appointment to see the home then we will put together a proposal for you. Once we have received the signed paperwork and the 50% deposit, you are confirmed on our calendar.

What rooms do you recommend we have staged?
The most important rooms to stage are the Entry, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room (if the home has one), Master Bedroom & Master Bath. These are the key rooms that home buyers focus on and have the highest expectations of. We may also recommend staging a home office.

Can I have input on design and pieces you are going to put in the space?
When it comes to individual input, we find it’s not in our client’s best interest to accommodate design input. Our stagers have many years of experience with home staging and will visit the house before the stage to look at the layout and unique features in order to put together the perfect kind of style that is on trend and will fit the overall concept.

How will you access my home?
We require you to put a combo lock box at the property so our team can access the home. Code must be provided 24 hours before scheduled staging date.

How long will my house be staged?
Your house will be staged for 90 days unless, of course, it sells before that. The time frame is also able to be extended if necessary.

Do I get money back if the house sells sooner?
The goal of our stages is to get the house sold as quickly as possible. Therefore we do not refund any part of the package if the house sells sooner than the 90 days.

What happens when I am ready to have staging removed?
We ask for a minimum one week’s notice to schedule the removal of staging. Less than a week’s notice will incur a $150 expedited pickup fee. It is typically safe to remove staging after all 3 contingencies (inspection, appraisal and loan) are removed.



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